Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where's my Website?

Over the last week or so I have been monitoring the number of emails that bounce back to me after sending out "update" emails from Craigs Directory (see my previous post Are Web Directories Set and Forget?). Due to the number of bounces to date, I have decided on the following plan of action;

If an email bounces back to me due to an invalid account, then I update all the website listings using that email account with a "noshow" flag. The result is that;
  1. The website is not show when browsing by category
  2. The website is not show on the top 25 or latest links pages (if applicable)
  3. The website is not shown in the Top 9 of the home page or Category pages (if applicable)
  4. The website can only be found in the RSS feeds and by doing a search for keywords that match the website.

In some cases, the same email address has been used by SEO companies or they have provided a temporary email (on their domain) to clients - leading to hundreds of websites no longer being listed.

If the email bounces back due to a typo or something recoverable, then I will try to correct the issue and not set the "noshow" flag.

So, apologies if you suddenly find that your website is no longer listed in Craigs Directory. Please check your website (do a search for your website, i.e. yourdomain.com), let me know, and I will remove the "noshow" flag.


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  1. It is a very good step taken by you to fight spam.