Friday, January 21, 2011

Craigs Directory - Top Boosters

In my "Craigs Directory - The History" post, I mentioned as part of my updates, that I was going to update the status of my Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz accounts with the list of websites that have boosted their rank in Craigs Directory with 2,000 or more credits.

I finally managed to complete this task this morning for all the historic submissions. Going forward, this will become a daily task as more websites boost their rank in Craigs Directory.

The complete (and hopefully growing) list of these websites is this;

If you want your website listed here, submit it to Craigs Directory and select 2000 or more credits in the "Instant" listing option.



  1. Well that is quite a serious list of premium websites you have there! Congrats for introducing the credits system the way you did, it would seem you have a serious success with it!

  2. it is good indeed,
    also great system you have :)